Foxes in the vicinity of Wahconah Street

The City of Pittsfield’s Health Department would like residents in the vicinity of Wahconah Street to exercise caution as a resident was bitten by a fox over the weekend in the area of Wahconah Street and Dower Square.

Although a fox was captured, caution should be taken by observing for wild animals displaying behavior such as lack of fear, disorientation, aggression, or poor physical condition.  Please know that it is not uncommon to see a fox during the daytime; however, please report any observations of foxes that display aggressive or disoriented behavior.  Residents should contact the Pittsfield Police Department at 413-448-9702 to report a wild animal that is behaving oddly or aggressively.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not leave pets unattended outdoors. 
  • Homeowners/landlords should make sure their properties are kept in a condition that does not attract foxes or other wildlife.
  • Secure garbage in durable plastic containers with tight-fitting lids and keep in secure buildings when possible.
  •  Take out trash the morning pick up is scheduled, not the previous night. Keep compost in secure and vented containers.
  • Use feeders designed to keep seed off the ground, as the seed attracts many small mammals foxes prey upon. Remove feeders if foxes are regularly seen around one’s yard.