Pontoosuc Lake Closed Aug. 7 for Herbicide Treatment

Pontoosuc Lake will be closed on Monday, Aug. 7 for a second round of herbicide treatment. The lake will closed to all uses for that day.  Activities such as swimming, fishing and boating, as well as the use of lake water for watering livestock, can resume on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Please note there are restrictions to other activities in the wake of the treatment. Lake water for drinking and cooking is prohibited for three days until Aug. 10; and the use of lake water for irrigation is prohibited for five days until Aug.12.

The target species for this treatment is European Naiad. The second treatment is necessary as this plant does not flourish until mid-to -late July, and would not be impacted by the initial treatment first implemented in late May/early June.  

For more information, please call Robert Van Der Kar, Conservation Agent, at 413-499-9359.