"Welcome to the City of Pittsfield" photo campaign - opening reception, June 19

The public is invited to attend the City of Pittsfield’s opening reception to debut images from its photo campaign “Welcome to the City of Pittsfield” at 4:30-5:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 19 at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts located at 28 Renne Ave.

The campaign is designed to recognize and celebrate the wide spectrum of employees who work for the City of Pittsfield, as well as serve as a recruitment tool for the city. The project, a collaborative effort between the Mayor’s Office and Office of Personnel, officially kicked off this past March with a series of photoshoots near City Hall and other municipal locations. The photos were taken by Pittsfield-based photographer, Emma Rothenberg-Ware, of EKRW Creative.

One of those photos included a group photo on the steps of City Hall, which is now displayed on a billboard on Merrill Avenue, heading toward Allendale, through the end of June. After the reception, the photos will be installed in the lobby of City Hall.

“I am extremely proud of our city employees. They are a hardworking team who come in each day and give their absolute all for the people of Pittsfield. This campaign was a way to highlight their dedicated service to our community,” said Mayor Linda Tyer.

The concept for the project first surfaced in the fall of 2018, said Roberta McCulloch-Dews, Director of Administrative Services of the Mayor’s Office, who spearheaded the project alongside Personnel Director Michael Taylor.

“The original plan was to get the photos taken in November, but once the holiday season got underway, we had to move the timeline to 2019. Despite the delay, there was plenty of enthusiasm and energy on the day of the photoshoot. We’ve heard from many employees who said they really appreciated being a part of this project,” she said.

Taylor said he’s excited about the campaign’s potential impact in the community.

“We have incredibly talented employees from diverse backgrounds that truly bring a unique set of skills that enrich our organization,” said Taylor. “I am thrilled that the Welcome to Pittsfield campaign will provide an opportunity to recognize many of those employees doing great work for the community, and encourage others to pursue employment opportunities with the City of Pittsfield.”

For more information about this project, please call McCulloch-Dews at 499-9322. To learn more about employment opportunities in the city, please visit: https://www.cityofpittsfield.org/city_hall/personnel_department/city_job_opportunities.php