City of Pittsfield to unveil new online permitting system for special events - Sept. 10

The City of Pittsfield is pleased to announce that beginning Monday, Sept. 10, the new online permitting system for special events will be available for use by the public, replacing the existing process for garnering approval for events in the city.

A special event is classified as any activity that occurs upon public or private property that affects the ordinary use of parks, playgrounds, beaches, fields, buildings, public streets, right-of-way, or sidewalks; it may feature entertainment, food, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

The current system required applicants to acquire signatures in person from various city departments. City Clerk Michele Benjamin, who spearheaded the internal committee for this project, said the new system will offer greater efficiency for those who need this resource. 

“We are very excited to launch this new online system.  A team of dedicated people worked together to create a user-friendly program that will alleviate the event planner from walking to each department for signature signoffs,” said Benjamin. “I would like to thank Myla Franklin, Scott Connors, the IT team and our beta testers for their time and dedication to this project.  We are grateful for their commitment to ensuring the success of this initiative.”

The new special event application system is offered through Permit Eyes software, which the city currently uses for other online services. It can be accessed through the city’s website via the following link:

The permitting software will allow individuals to create a user name and password which will give them access to the Permit Eyes City Clerk’s application. Users who have previously registered for Permit Eyes and currently use the City Clerk’s Office online permitting program can use their credentials for the special event application. Notably, the program has a chat feature which allows applicants to have real time interaction with city departments involved in the application process.

For those who may need it, kiosk computers are available at the Health Department, Department of Public Utilities, and the Building Inspectors Office at 100 North Street. Walk-ins are welcome.

A list of frequently asked questions is also available here:

For additional information about the special events application process, please call Myla Franklin, licensing board clerk, at 499-9363 or Becky Manship, recreation activities coordinator, at 499-9371.