Community Preservation Act funding to support multiple projects in the City of Pittsfield

Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding, approved earlier this summer for FY19, has already begun to support multiple projects throughout the City of Pittsfield. The first year of CPA funding, totaled $433, 819.11, will support 11 projects in the categories of historic resources and open space/recreation.

Mayor Linda Tyer said this funding is noteworthy because it benefits initiatives that contribute to the overall quality of life in the city. “It’s important that we support and invest in projects that allow us to preserve aspects of our city’s cherished history, as well as ensuring that our public spaces are maintained and welcoming for all of our residents to enjoy. Community Preservation Act funding creates a strategic avenue to accomplish this important work,” said Mayor Tyer.

City Planner CJ Hoss, who has been instrumental in this process, said community feedback has played an important role from start-to-finish. Voters in the City of Pittsfield adopted the Community Preservation Act in 2016. The act enables a locally supported fund supplemented with a partial match from the state that could be utilized for projects that involve historic preservation, open space, outdoor recreation, and affordable housing. 

“Over the last 18 months, the Community Preservation Committee, established for this work, spearheaded a public process for gathering feedback from the community on how funds should be prioritized,” said Hoss. “We developed an application process, solicited and reviewed applications to ascertain eligibility and priority funding, and received unanimous endorsement from the committee and City Council for the 11 projects.”

Initially, the committee received 20 eligibility applications, nine falling in the historic resources category and 11 categorized as open space and recreation.  In January, the committee completed its review of the applications and determined the final selections. The City Council approved the funding for the projects at a June 26 meeting.

The selected initiatives and allocated funding include:

  • Berkshire Athenaeum –Preservation of Melville art and artifacts

    Project cost: $20,115
    CPA funding: $13,000

  •  Berkshire Community College – Turf field project

Project cost: $2,400,000
CPA funding: $75,000

  • Berkshire County Historical Society – rehabilitation of stone walls at Arrowhead

Project cost: $10,900
CPA funding: $8,000

  • Berkshire Theatre Group – rehabilitation of the Thaddeus Clapp House

Project cost: $400,000           
CPA funding: $15,000

  • Greenagers – Burbank Park invasive species removal

Project cost: $250,000           
CPA funding: $4,000

  • City of Pittsfield – Springside House Restoration

Project cost: $770,000           
CPA funding: $75,000

  • Greenagers – Springside Park trail rehabilitation

Project cost: $5,000
CPA funding: $5,000

  • City of Pittsfield – Pickleball siting and design

Project cost: $16,500 
CPA funding: $15,000

  • City of Pittsfield – Pontoosuc Lake Beach stormwater management and design

Project cost: $16,500
CPA funding: $15,000

  • City of Pittsfield – Clapp Park Pellerin Field

Project cost: $90,290
CPA funding: $45,000

  • City of Pittsfield – Taconic High School athletic field improvements

Project cost: $180,860           
CPA funding: $50,000