City of Pittsfield unveils new look for 2018 tax bill

The City of Pittsfield 2018 tax bill has a new look and streamlined format that makes the letter more user-friendly and easier to read.  Bills will be mailed to city residents during the last week in December.

Finance Director Matthew Kerwood and Tax Collector Lisa Lewis discussed changes to the bill at a press conference on Monday, Dec. 18 in Council Chambers at City Hall. 

All information that is required by law to be on the bill – assessed owner, property valuation, tax rate, and special assessment – will remain in place. Also, there will still be a portion of the bill that can be retained for record purposes, as well as two coupons to remit payment.

The revamped bill eliminates duplicate information and also added new information that will be helpful to the taxpayer, said Lewis.

One such addition includes the line for the Community Preservation Act surcharge that was voted on and accepted in November 2016. Also, there is now contact information for the Assessor’s Office to field inquiries into assessments. Payment information includes options for in-person delivery, as well as the local and Boston addresses for payment submission.

The updates did not incur an extra charge to the city as the changes are included in the city’s contract with a vendor that oversees the tax bills.

For those unable to attend the conference, a taping of the announcement will be available this week on Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV); additionally, a poster-size sample of the bill will be on display near the Tax Collector’s Office at City Hall.

For more information, please call Lewis at 413-499-9432.