Modern Mold and Tool Acquisition Leads to Facilities and Operations Expansion in Pittsfield

Modern Mold and Tool, Inc., one of the city’s longstanding businesses, has expanded its facilities and operations in Pittsfield in the wake of the company’s acquisition of a New York state-based company, an effort supported by both the City of Pittsfield and the Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation (PERC).

The company’s acquisition of Streamline Plastics, an injection molding company based in Bronx, N.Y., earlier this year, included the relocation of injection molding equipment, geared toward industrial molding, to the company’s Pittsfield operations. To facilitate the addition of larger presses, Modern Mold converted its current warehouse space in two buildings, which have a total square footage of 26,000, to manufacturing and leased an additional 16,000 square-foot warehouse on Dalton Avenue for storage purposes.

The equipment relocation is expected to generate an increase in sales and bring an additional 18 new jobs to the Pittsfield company over the next three years. Currently, Modern Mold has 50 employees. The new positions will be in the following areas: quality control department, press operators, material handlers, drivers and processors.

“We are very pleased with the support Modern Mold has received from the Mayor’s Office and from the Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation” said Chief Operating Officer Tony DellaVolpe.  “As we continue to execute our growth plans having a vested partner in the City of Pittsfield will be critical.”

Modern Mold, which has been in business since 1950, currently designs and operates molds for the medical industry.  The acquisition will now allow the company to expand their operation to include industrial and retail molds, with a new customer base that includes companies such as Tupperware, Revlon, Bath and Body Works, Nabisco and CVS.

Modern Mold’s expansion efforts is a great step for the city’s economic development, said Mayor Linda Tyer. Earlier this year, the city’s Red Carpet Team, which specifically focuses on business development, supported Modern Mold’s application to the state’s Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP), through which the company received $145,000 in investment tax credits toward this project.

“The City of Pittsfield is thrilled to support to Modern Mold’s initiatives as their success demonstrates that small-to-mid-sized companies are the fuel that powers the city’s economy each and every day,” said Mayor Tyer. “We are excited about their continued growth as a vital contributor to our city’s innovation and advancement.”

Jay Anderson, president of PERC, said the organization’s support helps to ensure businesses have the resources they need to move ahead with their business goals.

“PERC is honored to assist in this $3 million expansion right here in Pittsfield.  Investments like this ring the bell in every area of economic development: an increase in jobs, increased city tax revenues and a strong foundation for continued growth,” he said.

For more information about Modern Mold and Tool, please visit: . To learn more about the city’s economic development initiatives, please contact Deanna Ruffer, Director, Community Development at 413-499-9368.