Aircraft Noise Reporting System Helping to Stem Noise

Since the launching of the aircraft noise reporting system this past June, Airport Manager Gloria Bouillon said input received from residents have led to changes in aircraft traffic – and less noise.

Thanks to the data, Bouillon established that most of the complaints were based around evening aircraft traffic related to military training exercises, with much occurring on Wednesdays. “It was clear enough that the hours of operation were not working for the surrounding community,” Bouillon said. On average, Bouillon said she received four to five complaints a week.

With this information in tow, Bouillon reached out to one of the military bases from which the majority of the helicopters originated from, and worked with the administration to find a solution. They agreed to not have training operations past 8:30 p.m.

“This is where most of the complaints were coming from,” Bouillon said. “They were willing to discuss the affected residential areas generated from the noise report form. We came up with a solution that involved flying in less residential areas. Since implementing the new strategies, some of the most affected areas have absolutely diminished. We have received one noise complaints since Aug. 31.”

Most importantly, Bouillon wants the community to know that their concerns matter. “It’s an ongoing process and further adjustments will be made as needed. We’re listening,” she said.

The online noise reporting form for all inquiries related to aircraft noise is available on the city’s website:

For more information, please contact Bouillon at 413-448-9790.