City of Pittsfield Celebrates Grand Opening of Employee Wellness Center

The City of Pittsfield celebrated the grand opening of the Employee Wellness Center with a wellness-themed reception on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The event, attended by Mayor Linda Tyer and a host of city staff, featured healthy foods, yoga demonstrations, and chair massages. Participants included Pittsfield Nutrition Center; Katie Fortier, yoga instructor; Jamie Robinson of Healthy Fitness, and New Life Chiropractic, Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIAA) and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“I am thrilled to know that we can offer our employees a space right here in City Hall that will help to achieve their personal goals and enhance their quality of life,” said Mayor Tyer.

The center is a dedicated space in the lower level of City Hall available to employees for fitness activities, wellness seminars, and workshops. The space, the former site of the city’s IT Department, was made possible through a $6,000 grant and private donations.

Director of Personnel Michael Taylor oversaw the project and has been instrumental in identifying health and wellness initiatives for city employees for more than a year.

“Our employee wellness program is fast becoming a core component of our culture here, and having a dedicated space to support this program is just another way to reinforce our commitment to our employees’ health and well-being,” Taylor said.

For more information on the wellness center, please call Taylor at 499-9340.