Active Members After April 2, 2012

•     Group 1 can retire with 10 yrs service at age 60, Group 2 and Group 4 can retire with
      10 yrs service at age 55.  Please note that you must have performed the duties of the
      Group 2 or Group 4 position for at least 12 months immediately prior to your termination
      or retirement.




Group 1

 Officials and general employees including clerical, 
 administrative and technical workers, laborers, 
 mechanics and all others not otherwise classified.

 Majority of 
 membership falls
 in this group.

Group 2

 Certain employees with hazardous occupations, 
 such as ambulance attendants, licensed electricians 
 and mental health hospital attendants.


Group 3

 State police officers

 Not applicable

Group 4

 Public safety officers, officials and employees, such
 as police officers, firefighters and certain 
 correction officers.


•     Contributions:

 04/02/12 – Present


 04/02/12 – Present

 2% additional on amounts in excess of $30,000

        The contribution rate will be reduced to 6% when at least 30 years of creditable
        service has been granted for Group 1.

•     Section 18 Anti-Spiking Provision:

if salary increases more than 10% in 2 preceding years, those earnings are
not included

•     If you have service in more than one Group classification, your benefit will be pro-rated
      by the amount of time you worked in each Group classification.

Massachusetts Public Employee Retirement Guide – On or After April 2, 2012