City of Pittsfield Website to Get a New Look

Come Thursday Feb. 9, visitors to the City of Pittsfield website will see a few things different. The city’s revamped website will allow for streamlined content, enhanced access to information and resources, and greater adaptability to devices of all sizes.


In addition to being more visually vibrant, the new site will allow users to access information within two to three clicks from the home page, creating a far more enjoyable user experience.


“Revize was our vendor of choice as the city was able to leverage the company’s years of experience in government website design to create a modern web presence with broad accessibility across a number of devices. The ability for users to access the City of Pittsfield’s website using their cell phone or tablet was a frequently requested feature that our old website, which, bearing the burden of age, simply did not handle well,” said the city’s IT Director Mike Steben. Currently, 54 percent of existing users access the city’s website with handheld devices.


The city’s Network Specialist Scott Connors, who served as the project manager, offered his thoughts on the project.


“The new website redesign began last July, and overall, the project was quite a bit of work, which needed to be done to keep Pittsfield up to date with other communities throughout the country,” Connors said. “The No. 1 priority of the overall project was our customer’s ease of use. We looked at several web designs throughout the country to come up with the most innovative design to offer residents, businesses and tourists who visit our site. With more of our customers going to online services such as permitting, reporting issues, online payments, we wanted to make the website an easily accessible tool for people.”


Here’s a list of some of the site’s new features:


  • Emergency Alert Center with email alerts
  • Document Center with document topic search
  • Email notify for resident email alerts for web page updates
  • FAQs
  • News Center with Facebook/Twitter integration
  • Quick link buttons
  • Personal social media sharing app
  • Language Translator
  • Resident Request Center
  • Enhanced online bill pay
  • Staff directory

Following the launch of the new site, the city will also be transitioning from e-Gov to a new engagement platform, Accela, later this spring. More information will be shared nearer to the launch date for this resource.

The city worked with Revize Government Websites, its current website provider, to complete the upgrades. The city’s website was last updated in 2012.


“The main objective for Revize was to create a self-government website with resident engagement features so residents can be involved in Pittsfield local government without even having to visit the website on a daily basis,” said Joseph Nagrant, Revize’s Business Development Director.


For more information, please contact Scott Connors at 413-499-9405.