Welcome Packets Distributed to New Homeowners in the City

Those purchasing homes in the City of Pittsfield now receive an official welcome packet from the city, including greetings from Mayor Linda M. Tyer and a scope of helpful information.

The initiative, which started in December 2016, is a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office and the Business Technology Program at Pittsfield High School. The program is led by Christa Levesque and includes the participation of students Andrew Wood and Ashley Pimentel.

To date, more than 100 welcome packets have been distributed to new homeowners. Information includes voter registration forms, contacts for city councilors, recycling calendars, a downtown business guide, and tips on the city’s new parking system. In addition to providing input toward the packets’ content, the students help to maintain the new homeowner database by tracking current real estate transactions.

Mayor Tyer said this project demonstrates one of the many ways that Pittsfield is a community that reflects its care for one another with action.

“We are a city that wants everyone to thrive, have a good quality of life, and enjoy all that Pittsfield has to offer. That starts with the little things like helping those new to Pittsfield navigate our city government and their new community,” Tyer said. “I am also thrilled to know that our dynamic and engaged Pittsfield high school students have contributed their time and energy in making this project a success.”

For more information, please contact Roberta McCulloch-Dews at 413-499-9322.