Streetscape Phase 4 Update - week of Oct. 24-28

Streetscape contractor Maxymillian will begin working on punch list items as well as demobilizing from staging areas.  They will also continue installing wayfinding signs.  Construction work will start at 7 a.m. 

CSL Landscaping will complete the plantings early in the week.  Parking may be restricted at certain times in order for the landscaper to access planting areas.

Eversource contractor, Burke Electric, will continue work on replacing the top of a vault on the north corner of Bradford and North streets (near Methuselah).  The sidewalk will be closed in this area and excavation will be protected with barriers and fencing.  Once this work is complete final sidewalk restoration can be completed at this corner.

Traffic and parking may be disrupted throughout the week.  Vehicles will be guided with signs, cones, and drums allowing traffic to travel safely in the downtown area.