Streetscape Phase 4 Update - week of Sept. 12

Starting on Monday, Streetscape contractor, Maxymillian, will continue work on the installation of new uplights and conduit within the islands.  Maxymillian, as well as other utility companies, will continue raising structures (i.e. manholes and water gates). Construction work will start at 7 a.m.

Lanes may be closed overnight to avoid the structures raised throughout the day.  Another crew will be installing the remaining benches, trash receptacles, wayfinding poles, and signs.

The curbing and sidewalk subcontractor, Varandas Construction, was delayed last week but they will continue installing curbing for the islands in North Street as well as raised planters in the islands.  They will be working on the islands from Bradford Street working south to Summer Street.  Vehicular traffic may be disrupted by this work.  

Subcontractor, Lapinski Electric, will continue work on the traffic intersections.  They will be installing new heads on the mast arms at the Maplewood Avenue intersection.

Eversource contractor, Burke Electric, will continue work on replacing the top of a vault on the north corner of Bradford and North streets (near Methuselah).  The sidewalk will be closed in this area and excavation will be protected with barriers and fencing.

Pedestrian traffic should not be interrupted other than in crosswalks near work on the traffic islands.

Vehicular traffic will be down to one lane in both directions.  Vehicles will be guided with signs, cones, and drums allowing traffic to travel safely in the downtown area.