Streetscape Phase 4 Update - Week of July 25

For the week of July 25, milling is scheduled on North Street during the following days: Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly in the morning on Friday.  All lanes of traffic will be shifted to one side of the street and side streets might be closed to thru traffic for periods of time.  There will be no parking on North Street (in the construction zone) while this work is being performed.

Construction work will start at 7 a.m.

Streetscape contractor Maxymillian will have a crew excavating the pocket park on the north side of the Greystone Building.  Following the excavation work, conduit work will take place in front of the Greystone Building to Maplewood Avenue.  Small precast features, such as bollards, and push button foundations will also be installed in this area.

Maxymillian will also be grading sidewalks for the sidewalk subcontractor from Carson Place to Maplewood Avenue.  The granite for a radius seat wall is also scheduled to be installed at the north corner of Maplewood Avenue and North Street.

The curbing and sidewalk subcontractor, Varandas Construction, will continue installing granite curbing on the east side of North Street from St. Joseph’s Church to Maplewood Avenue.  Sidewalk restoration will take place on St Joseph’s Church block. Parking and pedestrian traffic may be disrupted by this work.  

Pedestrian traffic will be guided by pedestrian guardrails and drums.

Vehicular traffic will be down to one lane in both directions.  Parking in some areas will be affected by this work.  Vehicles will be guided with signs, cones, and drums allowing traffic to travel safely in the downtown area.