Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Program for City of Pittsfield Residents

Mayor Dan Bianchi and Administrative Services Director Mary McGinnis are rolling out the first stage of the Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Program. “The initial pilot will allow the City Departments to design and operate a program over the next three months” said Bianchi; “it will eventually be expanded to more applicants beyond the pilot period” explained Bianchi.

The City of Pittsfield recognizes the vast array of knowledge and skills that its senior citizens possess. The city is offering the opportunity for seniors to contribute this knowledge to the community and receive a tax abatement on their property taxes. Hours worked will be paid no less than the current Massachusetts minimum wage with a maximum abatement of $1,000.00.  This program can be combined with other exemptions.

Participants must be age 60 or over at the time of application. Eligible properties must be classified as residential, and must be owned and occupied by the participant at the time the work is performed. There will be a limit of two participants per eligible property; however, the total abatement cannot exceed the maximum exemption of $1,000.00. Income eligibility shall be determined by using the locally adopted income eligibility guidelines of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 5, clause 41C. The selection of participants will be based on need and shall be valid for one year. In the event that other opportunities become available, qualified volunteers not selected for this program will be placed on a waiting list in order of need.  Active municipal employees are not eligible for the Senior Citizen Tax Work Off Program.

For a married individual, yearly income cannot exceed $28,757.00.  For a single individual, yearly income cannot exceed $23,604.00.  Only eight volunteer positions are available for fiscal year 2014. All volunteer work must be completed between September 1, 2013 and November 30, 2013. An application for this program can be found on the City website by logging into  Applications must be received by  August 1, 2013.

For further information on applications please contact the Assessors’ office at (413) 395-0102.

Click here for a printable Application Form.