Streetscape Phase 4: Construction Update for Week of May 16-20

Starting the week of May 16, Streetscape contractor, Maxymillian, will begin to excavate sidewalks on the east side of North Street starting at Eagle Street working north toward Melville Street. Construction work starts at 7 a.m.

Once the sidewalk is excavated conduit work will also begin in this area.  Pedestrian traffic will be guided along the storefronts utilizing a construction guardrail safety system and gravel sidewalks. 

A second crew will work on installing a new load center, for lighting, in front of the YMCA.  This work will be ongoing throughout the week. 

A third Maxymillian crew will continue prepping the brick accent strips for the sidewalk subcontractor from Bradford to Linden streets.  This additional crew will also continue installing new loam in completed planters along the west side of North Street.

The curbing and sidewalk subcontractor, Varandas Construction, should finish installing concrete sidewalks from Summer to Union streets early in the week.  They will continue with sidewalk restoration and the installation of curbing planters from Bradford to Linden streets.  They will also begin installing new curbing from Linden Street to Rite-Aid.  Parking and pedestrian traffic may be disrupted by this work but access to storefronts will be maintained.

Berkshire Gas and JS Rae will continue installing a new gas main on the east side of North Street from the YMCA working south in the northbound lanes. 

Vehicular traffic will be down to one lane in both directions.  Parking in some areas will be affected by this work.  Vehicles will be guided with signs, cones, and drums allowing traffic to travel safely in the downtown area