Streetscape Phase 4 Construction to Begin Monday, March 14th

Streetscape Phase 4 Construction to Begin Monday, March 14th

PITTSFIELD, Mass. – The City of Pittsfield’s downtown infrastructure revitalization moves one step closer to completion with the start of Streetscape Phase 4 construction set to begin between 7-7:30 a.m. Monday, March 14.

The work will begin at Columbus Avenue and ultimately continue north on the west side to Madison Avenue. It will first start with the removal of small, isolated sections of sidewalk to prepare the area for the installation of the 46 light pole bases, which are six foot tall and span a width of 3 foot x 3 foot at the base.  

Maxymilian is the contractor for Phase 4, and previously constructed Streetscape Phase 2 and 3.

Phase 4 will include the installation of new streetlight bases, new sidewalks, and new landscaping. The project, which is expected to be completed November 2016, is the final North Street Streetscape phase connecting all previous phases from Housatonic Street to Wahconah Street.

“This is another piece of a big puzzle to make downtown beautiful and it bring us closer to completion. This project has been about the beautification, functionality, ADA compliance of our urban streetscape,” says Bruce Collingwood, Commissioner of Public Utilities. “Between the art emphasis and the streetscape work year after year, it all goes hand in hand to breathe life into downtown.”

Streetscape is a multi-phased, multi-million dollar improvement project, funded by a grant from MassWorks Infrastructure Program, of The Office of Housing and Economic Development.  Streetscape focuses on South and North streets and extends from Memorial Park on South Street to Wahconah Park toward the upper end of North Street. Streetscape improvements include sidewalk treatments; special planting areas and trees; bump-outs at crosswalks; ornamental lighting; increased parking spaces; bike racks, benches, trash and recycling receptacles; and public art spaces.

As Phase 4 is the largest construction project to date in this vicinity on North Street, Maxymilian and the City are working diligently to keep the public and business community updated during this effort.  Project Manager Bryan Marcek has been communicating with local businesses and says Maxymilian will continue to keep the community informed.

“We are certainly doing the best we can to work with local businesses and alleviate as much concern as possible. We’re giving enough notice about where construction is occurring and when,” said Marcek.

Vehicular traffic will be guided with signs, cones and drums allowing traffic to travel safely to the downtown area, and there will be prominent signage stating “Businesses Open.”

Any news updates regarding the time and schedule of construction work will be shared as available.

For more information, please contact Bruce Collingwood, Commissioner of Public Utilities at 413.499.9330 or David Turocy, Commissioner of Public Services, 413.499.9314.