City of Pittsfield's water and sewer bills due March 7

City of Pittsfield’sWater and Sewer Bills Due March 7


As a reminder for home and business owners in the City of Pittsfield, quarterly water and sewer bills are due Monday, March 7.

Schedule bills cover the period of January through March 2016. Metered bills cover the period of October through December 2015. If payment is not received by Monday, March 7, 2016, there will be a late penalty of 8 percent added to the bill.

Payment can be made several ways:

  • Mail your payment to the City of Pittsfield, P.O. Box 981063,

Boston, MA 02298-1063. 

For more information, please contact Marilyn W. Sheehan, City Collector, at 413.499.9432.