Congressman Richard E. Neal meets with Mayor Linda Tyer at City Hall

Congressman Richard E. Neal Meets with Mayor Tyer Thursday Morning at City Hall

Mayor Tyer and Congressman Neal

(PITTSFIELD, Mass.) – On the morning of Thursday, Jan. 28, Congressman Richard E. Neal met with Mayor Linda Tyer, elected officials, and staff at City Hall to offer an official welcome and engage in a discussion that highlighted key issues for the City of Pittsfield.

Meeting attendees included State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier; City Council President Peter Marchetti; Ward 6 City Councilor John Krol; Matt Kerwood, Director of Finance; and Roberta McCulloch-Dews, Director of Administrative Services.

Topics included workforce development, job creation, General Electric’s relocation to the Commonwealth and the opioid epidemic in the state.

Congressman Neal offered his reflections on the day’s discussion. “I had a very good and productive meeting with Mayor Tyer today on her vision for Pittsfield for the next four years. She clearly has a strategic plan that focuses on economic development, job creation and reducing crime in the largest city in the Berkshires. We share many of the same progressive goals, and I look forward to working with her to help make Pittsfield a more vibrant, prosperous and livable community,” said Congressman Neal.

Regarding the opioid epidemic, Congressman Neal discussed the statewide impact of this epidemic and also noted the recent HBO documentary, Heroin: Cape Cod USA, adding that if a screening were scheduled in Pittsfield, he would return to participate in the event.

“We also talked about the toll heroin and prescription drug abuse is taking on people in the region and across the state; more work needs to be done on a local, state and federal level to address this epidemic, and to stop men and women from getting addicted to these deadly opioids. That is why I plan to have a special screening and discussion of the HBO Documentary, Heroin: Cape Cod USA in Pittsfield. This powerful film will help raise awareness about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse,” said Congressman Neal.

Mayor Tyer thanked the congressman for the collaboration. “I deeply appreciate Congressman Neal’s visit today. I believe it signifies the beginning of a thoughtful, working relationship ahead, and I look forward to the congressman’s support as we work to build a better Pittsfield,” said Mayor Tyer.

Regarding the congressman’s pledge, Mayor Tyer said she welcomed his return. “This is an important community conversation that deals with an issue with very devastating effects, so I thank Congressman Neal for his participation.”

State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier shared her thoughts on this collaboration, and its impact on the community.

 “This is exactly how Team Pittsfield is supposed to work. When local, state, and federal officials get together and collaborate on solutions for the people in our community, the people in our community come out as winners,” said State Rep. Farley-Bouvier.

Council President Marchetti and Ward Councilor Krol affirmed this sentiment.

“It was exciting to bear witness to what I expect to be a fruitful partnership with Mayor Tyer and Congressman Neal in the years ahead. I know Mayor Tyer will continue to be diligent about preserving key collaborations such as this,” said Council President Marchetti.

“We had a very productive working meeting with Congressman Neal on some important issues. Mayor Tyer has a solid grasp of the city’s priorities, and a close working relationship with the congressman will undoubtedly help us achieve those goals. She is off to a great start as the leader of Team Pittsfield and, together, we are going to accomplish a great deal for this city,” said Councilor Krol.