Electronic Recycling Event

Electronic Recycling Event

Recycling Flyer 

An electronic recycling event for Berkshire County will be held October 24th, 2015.  Anyone may bring their old and unwanted electronics to 63 Flansburg Avenue in Dalton, MA. The electronic collection is free excluding: Monitors (CRT, LCD, Security)-$8, Televisions (CRT, Flat Panel, Console, Projection 25-inches and up)-$20, Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers-$10. These items will be accepted for a fee.  Cash or personal check will be accepted for these items.  

The collection event will take place on Saturday, October 24th from 8AM to 2PM.  Registration is not required for this event.

The following items will not be accepted: Household Hazardous Waste (Paint, Oil, Cleaning Supplies), Light-bulbs, Lamps, Home Appliances (Refrigerators, Washers/Driers, Dishwashers, Stoves, Vacuum Cleaners), Batteries (Alkaline, Lead-acid, etc.), Gas Powered Equipment, Liquids (any and all liquids), Microwaves.  It should be noted that TV’s and Computer Monitors can also be disposed of at Goodwill on Tyler St. or Best Buy at the Berkshire Mall and Scrap Metal can be brought to the drop off area at Covanta on Hubbard Ave to be disposed of.

For more information about the event please call RBD Electronics at (413) 442-1111.