Mayor Bianchi announces his plans to seek a second term.

Pittsfield:  Dan Bianchi announced today that he has taken out his nomination papers to run for re-election in November.  Stating his interest in continuing to serve the residents of Pittsfield, he outlines his plans for the coming term.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to serve as Pittsfield’s Mayor for the past 18 months.   I have been humbled by the enormous and diverse support I have received from people across the city during my first term in office.  The transition during this first term would not have been as successful without the support of hundreds of professional and talented city employees, whom I admire and respect greatly.  I look forward to continuing to work with them to serve the residents of Pittsfield for another term,” Mayor Bianchi said.

Bianchi added, “The past 18 months have been busy.  My Plan for Pittsfield two years ago was to reinvent Pittsfield as a city of successful and innovative small businesses that continue to create jobs.  We have made progress with the creation of the Small Business Fund; the expansion of the PEDA board; and by securing the first tenant, with more Life Sciences projects in the planning stages.    I recognize there is more to do and I remain committed to an aggressive economic development program for the City.”

“In addition, the City Council and I have worked hard to execute a full charter review, staffed with outstanding members who brought diverse talent to the task. This revised charter will be on the ballot in November for the residents of Pittsfield to consider.   Our schools are paramount to our city’s success.  I plan on moving aggressively on the career vocational High School at Taconic, and forging a new partnership with community businesses to develop supportive programming. With a successful teacher’s contract behind us, new teacher evaluation underway, and plans to continue renovating our high schools; the Pittsfield Public Schools remains a top priority and will be vital to future economic development.

“The Pittsfield City budget is a comprehensive breakdown of essential priorities without removal of quality measures.   I have kept my promise to maintain vital city services and protect city workers. Compromises have not interfered with overall improvement.

The up and coming Community Centers at both Francis Plaza and Dower Square will benefit many citizens, young and old. The various wellness programs filling up the calendars will improve our lives in one way or another. This new and exciting initiative is supported by many organizations such as Berkshire Health Systems, the Berkshire United Way, and individuals who wish to share their programs with people who will benefit the most.

“And, lastly, but certainly not least, particularly in the wake of what is happening across our state and throughout our country, public safety has been a top priority.  With the initiation of a Neighborhood Watch Program, Pittsfield now has hundreds of residents trained to serve as the eyes and ears of the police in an effort to reduce crime and maintain safer neighborhoods.  There is more to do and over the next two years, my plan for Pittsfield will invite our good citizens to participate. “