Egremont Paving Schedule and Temp. Parking Ban

New Paving Schedule for Egremont and Temporary Parking Ban on Egremont Ave

 Reclamation and paving for Egremont Avenue is moving ahead of schedule! Work will begin Monday, July 13th.  The structures on the street will be lowered, beginning today. 

 There will be a temporary parking ban on Egremont Avenue as the paving process is underway.


 As part of the City’s Street Improvement Project, reclamation and paving work on Egremont Avenue is moving ahead of schedule.

 Parking on both sides of Egremont Avenue will be temporarily suspended starting at 5:00 am, Monday, July 13, 2015, until 5:00 pm, Thursday, July 16, 2015 to allow for reclamation and paving.  Parking may resume following the completion of the reclamation work and will be temporarily suspended again to accommodate additional paving work.  A subsequent press release will be issued with dates of the additional paving work.

 Any vehicles found parked during these times are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. 

 The City apologizes for the inconvenience and kindly asks for your patience and understanding as it is necessary to improve our infrastructure.

 Thank you.