City Hall Announces New Electronic Job Application System

Mayor Bianchi is pleased to announce a new, 21st Century job application system for City Hall titled Hyrell.  The electronic system will allow more people to apply for jobs as they can apply electronically and no longer need to come to City Hall in order to submit an application.

Mayor Bianchi said, “The electronic application system moves City Hall into the modern era.  Almost all school districts, municipalities and companies now use electronic application systems and I am pleased that City Hall is now in a position to do so as well.  Hyrell will also better help us generate reports for the Affirmative Action committee.  It  will give us similar capabilities as School Spring [the electronic application system used by the Pittsfield Public Schools] and ideally allow us to expand our ability to attract a wider, more diverse pool of highly qualified candidates.”

He added, “Often time we get requests from people to update them as positions open up.  Unfortunately, with the paper application system there was no way possible for the Personnel staff to call everyone to update them with new postings.  With Hyrell, we will now be able to keep people better informed of City job openings.”

Michael Taylor, Personnel Technician stated, “Hyrell is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It will be a benefit to both the City and those seeking employment.”

Job applicants will be able to:

  • Immediately be notified that their application has been received and be updated throughout the hiring process in real time
  • Sign up for job alerts. Based on their interests, people can receive e-mail or text message notifications when the City posts a position
  • Apply online and no longer have to come into City Hall in order to drop off an application

Department Heads will be able to:

  • Access applications as they enter the system in real time
  • Easily communicate with candidates online
  • Schedule interviews, initiate assessment tests, and check references online

This new system is set to go live on Friday, March 20th.  As a part of the new system, paper applications will no longer be accepted.  Those that do not have access to the internet can go to the Berkshire Athenaeum.  The Athenaeum provides free access to the internet and has several computers for public use. Berkshire Works Career Center, located at 160 North Street, also has computers available for public use.

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