2015 Shannon Grant Seeks Youth Mentors and Community Partners

Today Mayor Dan Bianchi announced the start of an innovative new program that directly involves community residents in supporting youth and families most in need.

To achieve this Pittsfield Community Connection has added two new components to its work:

1. Youth mentoring: Community members will be matched with youth in need, forming a team of support and guidance. There will be team mentoring when possible.

2. Community partners: 2-3 community members will be matched with mom’s struggling to break the cycle of poverty, providing skills, encouragement and tangible help.

The city is asking for volunteers to serve as mentors in these two programs. Mentors will commit to:

  • Attend a mandatory 4-hour orientation.
  • 1.5 hours per week with their mentee.
  • Attend 2 additional trainings during the course of the year.
  • Regular meetings with other mentors and a facilitator.

Mayor Dan Bianchi said, “The people living in and around our City have a lot to offer. The youth mentoring and community partner positions will help to expand the opportunities for community members to become involved in the lives of our kids. I am sure that the people who will come forward to fill these roles will enhance the lives of Pittsfield’s youth.”

Pittsfield Community Connection Program Coordinator added, “We are building on the community conversation last fall to make vital community connections for positive change. Communities own their destinies. Given the right tools and support, especially by combining individual connections and resources that exist in the city, positive youth development and economic stability can be achieved for those who need it most.”

To sign-up or to learn more, attend a community meeting that will be held on March 10, 2015 at 6pm in the Morningside Community School.

To sign-up in advance or for more information please contact Adam Hinds, 413-499-9369, ahinds@pittsfieldch.com.