Pittsfield Awarded Shannon Grant

Mayor Bianchi is pleased to announce that the City of Pittsfield has been awarded $133,000.00 from the Shannon Community Safety Initiative program.  This year the City has been awarded $33,000 more than last year.

Bianchi stated, “The Shannon Grant is making a huge difference in our community. It has allowed us to coordinate community conversation and develop programs to reach out to young people who might otherwise choose a less desirable path. Last year we took on two mentors who have been in our schools, on our playgrounds, and have had meaningful connections with young people in the city. The process of affecting change in the lives of children that might be considered ‘at-risk’ is one that takes time and commitment. The Shannon Grant is allowing us to do that and we are appreciative of the State’s initiative.

He added, “We are fortunate to have been able to recruit Adam Hinds to coordinate these efforts.  In years to come we will recognize the establishment of a Shannon Grant program in the city as having been a significant milestone for us.”

The Shannon Grant provides funding to stimulate multi-disciplinary approaches to combat gang violence through coordinated programs for prevention and intervention. In Pittsfield it has been used to promote Pittsfield Community Connection, a program aimed at individual intervention with high-risk youth and neighborhood prevention through Mom’s Support Groups.

Program Coordinator Adam Hinds said “The allocation is one-third larger than last year, reflecting continued growth. In fact, our program is expanding to such a degree that we continue to look for partnerships in the community. During 2014 we witnessed several violent events involving youth that drove elevated community involvement. Our work in 2015 will utilize that strong community involvement to directly lift youth and caregivers facing difficult circumstances.”