Trash Disposal

The Pittsfield Health Department and Department of Public Works would like to remind Pittsfield residents of the many resources available for properly disposing of items they don’t use or need anymore.  To support clean, healthy and safe neighborhoods, the city ordinances (section 3-4.9) require property owners and managers, users, occupants, tenants, renters and person in control of property to be responsible for exterior property maintenance.

Here’s how to get rid of…

Bulky Waste
Acceptable items: automobile tires, oversize plastic toys, wooden posts or fencing, upholstered chairs & couches, broken down wooden furniture, mattresses, box springs and carpet rolls. $15 curbside disposal sticker required.  Stickers are sold at: Carr Hardware, Price Chopper in Pittsfield and Lenox, Harry’s Supermarket on Wahconah Street, Elm Street Hardware, Pittsfield City Hall – City Clerk’s Office (1st Floor) and the Department of Public Utilities located at 100 North Street, Mezzanine level.

“White Goods”
This includes refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners and stoves. These cannot be thrown away or left at the curb. Call Sayers Auto Wrecking at 443-1635, Perlman & Sons at 442-7127 or Covanta at 443-7373. Disposal fees may apply.

Polystyrene “Peanuts”
Call CET at 445-4556. Also taken at most packing and shipping stores.

Donate to libraries. Some stores buy and sell used books. Check out for reuse ideas.

Latex paint: Open can and let paint dry, then throw away with household trash.
Oil paint: Bring to a Household Hazardous Waste collection. Contact DPW at 499-9330 for dates.

Propane Tanks
Small empty camp stove tanks can be thrown in the trash. Bring larger grill-size tanks (20 lb.) to Pittsfield Welding, George Propane, AmeriGas and Carr Hardware. A fee may apply.

Yard Waste
Pittsfield residents can place yard waste in clear plastic bags and bring to Covanta. Yard waste makes great compost! Call 499-9344 to purchase compost bins at City Hall. Contact CET for composting information or 445-4556.

For non-working and working computers, contact Goodwill at 442-0061 for free recycling. Best Buy (445-5812). A fee may apply. For working computers contact ReCompute at 496-9849.

Rechargeable Batteries & Cell Phones
There are drop boxes for these items located at DPW and CET (112 Elm St.). Can also bring to any Staples, Best Buy or Radio Shack stores.

Fluorescent Bulbs
Bring compact fluorescents (cfl’s) to Home Depot. All fluorescent bulbs, as well as thermostats and thermometers, bring to Covanta: 443-7373 on Hubbard Ave. for recycling.

Other Stuff
Contact CET at 445-4556 or

Questions? Call the Pittsfield DPW at (413) 499-9330