Student Arrest Leads to Weapon Seizure

Pittsfield Public School families were recently notified of an incident that occurred at Taconic High School this morning. A student was arrested for creating a disturbance at the school due to insubordination. Upon being brought into custody by the police, a search of his property at the police station revealed a weapon. At no point was the weapon made visible to any student or staff member at Taconic.

The Taconic administration is working with the Pittsfield Police Department to further investigate the matter.  The safety and concern of our students is the highest priority. All schools in the district have safety response protocols and procedures in place. Families are encouraged to partner with the school administration regarding any information that could be of assistance to help continue to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Daniel Bianchi, Mayor of Pittsfield: “Principal Vosburgh and his staff followed Pittsfield Public School safety protocol to the letter.  School administration and Pittsfield Police effectively took all appropriate measures to efficiently address the situation and safeguard the school community. I am confident in Dr. McCandless’s leadership and the professionalism of school staff as we continue to collaborate with community partners.”

Dr. Jason McCandless, Pittsfield Public Schools Superintendent: “We have safety protocols in place at all schools and practice them regularly. As always we are collaborating with the Pittsfield Police. We are thankful for our strong relationship and support from Pittsfield families and will continue to keep them informed.”

Michael Wynn, Chief of the Pittsfield Police Department: “The strong, existing relationship between the District and the Department led to quick law enforcement interaction. Through the efforts of the Investigative and Intelligence resources, additional information was generated. As always, we appreciate public cooperation with ongoing investigations and encourage residents to report any suspicious or concerning information.”