New Delinquent Tax Title Program

Mayor Bianchi announced that on August 12th a new ordinance was passed regarding payment plans for delinquent taxpayers that are in tax title with the City of Pittsfield.  This ordinance will make it more manageable for people to become involved in the payment program to pay off their tax tile debt.

Under the ordinance, that extends the maximum term of the payment plan, delinquent taxpayers that are in tax title with Pittsfield can:

  • Enroll in a payment program that extends monthly payments for a maximum of five years (the old plan was a maximum of three years) AND
  • After making a 25% down payment on the total amount owed on the tax title, delinquent tax title holders will receive a waiver for 50% of the accrued interest on the tax title (interest will continue to be collected on the monthly payments)

The new ordinance provides for a more manageable and feasible payment plan.  It extends the length of time in which payments can be made, allowing for lower monthly payments, and also forgives 50% of the accrued interest on the day of enrollment.

People can call or visit the Treasurer’s Office, 499-9466, room 110 City Hall, 70 Allen Street, to enroll in the new program for delinquent taxpayers. People enrolling in the new program must be current on their water/sewer bills and their current fiscal year real estate bill.