2013 Street Improvement Work Schedule


Mayor Daniel Bianchi and the Department of Public Works announced today the street repair work for the 2013 construction season.  “This will be a very active and productive season” the Mayor said.  “A variety of work will be done throughout the City, and various applications of construction and reconstruction will address very needy roadways.”  Bianchi “apologizes in advance for any inconvenience, but I am hopeful that the long term benefits will provide us with much safer, more attractive city streets.”  Street work will begin by the end of April.  

The following streets are scheduled to be resurfaced this year:  Lakeway Drive (Onota to Valentine), Easton Ave., Mountain View Drive, Hancock Road (from North to Pecks), Highland Ave, Gale Ave.(from W. Housatonic to Redmond/Osceola), LeRoi Drive, Loumar Drive, Trova Terrace, Williamsburg Ter., Deerfield St., Greenwich St., Meadowview Dr., Morningview Dr., Skyview Dr., Beaumont Dr., Highlawn Dr., Hopewell Dr., Farnsworth Ter., Tanner, East Park Terrace, Faucett Lane, Mountain Drive, Glory Drive, Gaston Drive, Donna Ave., Deborah Ave., Denise Ave., Adelaide Ave. and Ontario Street. 

Resurfacing work on Hancock is currently delayed due to compaction testing results of the water main trench backfill performed by Baltazar Construction.  Baltazar has been required by the city to address the condition.  

Parking on both sides of these streets will be temporarily restricted at times during the construction.  Although the streets will remain open, the traveling public is advised to seek alternative routes during construction as temporary delays will be unavoidable.  Further information regarding temporary parking restrictions will be noticed in subsequent press releases. 

For more information on upcoming street repair work in Pittsfield, please contact the Public Utilities Department at 413-499-9330. 

Press contact: Mary McGinnis, Director of Administrative Services, 413-499-9322; mmcginnis@pittsfieldch.com