Pavement Crack Sealing Preventative Road Maintenance

Mayor Bianchi announced that street crack sealing will begin next week as a part of ongoing cost effective road maintenance program.

Commissioner Bruce Collingwood explained that, “Crack sealing is a key step in the overall program for maintaining our streets.  It extends the life of the streets by waterproofing the surface and minimizes future road distress so we can maintain a quality driving experience.”

Bianchi has often stressed that it is important to, “do everything we can in an effort to maintain our roads as the harsh Berkshire winters can have a profound effect on road quality.”

During the sealing process, parking will be restricted on both sides of streets, for the entire length of street four days before and after the cracks are sealed.  As the schedule is weather dependent, the city will utilize code red, radio and print to regularly update residents.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue with preventative road maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule, Pittsfield, MA

Day 1-5, July  21-25
North St

Day 6, July  28
Yarmouth St
Exeter Ave
Westchester Ave
Burke Ave

Day 7 & 8, July  29-30
Wahconah St

Day 9 – 11, July  31-August 1
Pecks Rd

Day 12 & 13, August  4-5
Valentine Rd

Day 14, August  6
Lakeway Dr

Day 15 & 16, August  7-8
Onota St

Day 17 – 20, August  11-14
West St

Day 21, August  15
Meadow Ridge Rd
Woodland Dr
Woodland Cir
Jacoby Ave

Day 22, August  18
Eleanor Rd
Jason Sr
Euclid Ave

Day 23 – 25, August  19-21
Barker Rd

Day 26, August  22
West Housatonic St

Day 27, August  25
Morewood Dr
Willow Ln
Revilla Terr
Chester St
Noblehurst Ave
Warwick St
Broad St
South St

Day 28 & 29, August  26-27
Holmes Rd

Day 30 & 31, August  28-29
Williams St

Day 32, September 1
Dan Ave
Honasada Terr
Sampson Pkwy
Revere Pkwy

Day 33, September 2
Concord Pkwy
Lexington Pkwy
Bishop Pkwy

Day 34 & 35, September 3-4
Elm St

Day 36 September 5
Northumberland Rd
Pollock Ave
Commonwealth Ave

Day 37 – 41, September 8-12
East St

Day 42, September 15
Greenings Ave
Mcintosh Dr
Dutchess Ave

Day 43, September 16
Baldwin Ave
Wealthy Ave
Imperial Ave

Day 44, September 17
Winesap Rd
Junction Rd

Day 45 & 46, September 18-19
Newell St

Day 47, September 22
Edison Ave
Longfellow Ave
Meadow Ln
Dorchester Ave
Lyman St

Day 48, September 23
Fourth St

Day 49 & 50, September 24-25
Dalton Ave

Day 51, September 26
Yorkshire Ave
Elberon Ave

Day 52, September 29
Springside Ave

Day 53, September 30
Charles St
Unkamet Dr

Day 54, October 1
Benedict Ave

Day 55, October 2
Tyler St
Burbank St

Day 56, October 3
Second St
Adam St

Day 57, October 6
First St

Day 58, October 7
Wendell Ave
Bank Row
Park Pl

Day 59, October 8
Center St

Day 60, October 9
Summer St
Francis Ave
Seymour St