Line Painting

Mayor Bianchi and Bruce Collingwood announced that road painting began on Sunday evening [June 15th].  Crews were out last night refreshing the road lines and turn lanes within Pittsfield.

“Line painting is an annual process that takes place each spring in order to maintain our roads and keep drivers, pedestrians and cyclists safe.”

The painting, which was scheduled to begin last week, was delayed due to weather.

Collingwood explained, “…painting occurs in the evenings and can only take place during dry weather.  Due to the rain last week, the crews were unable to begin work.”

Bianchi added, “I am pleased that we started the line painting process last night as it was a matter of concern for the residents.”

This week’s weather outlook shows a favorable forecast for line painting to continue.

The line painting in downtown is scheduled to be completed by June 25th.  Line painting outside of downtown will continue into July.

The Downtown Area (see the attached map):   Streets to be marked are West Street from South to Francis, Park Place, Bank Row, East Street from Park Place and Bank Row to Elm to include intersection of east / elm / fourth, South from West to West Housatonic and North from Columbus to Wahconah not including intersection with Wahconah.