Community Conversation About Mental Health on 6/18

On June 18th, Mayor Bianchi, Downtown Pittsfield Inc, The Brien Center, NAMI and the Froio Center invite Pittsfield residents to a community conversation about mental health.  The conversation will focus around breaking down the misconceptions about mental health and promoting mental health recovery.  The program will also host a discussion around making our community safe for all citizens.

Mayor Bianchi stated, “This meeting is important for people to attend, from residents, to health professionals, to business owners.  There are many misconceptions regarding mental health. We can all benefit from more education.”

The meeting, which will take place in the Froio Center from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, was initiated during Pittsfield Quality of Life discussions.

Vin Marinaro, the Director of the Council on Aging, stated, “The Downtown Pittsfield Quality of Life committee has been meeting monthly and discussing a number of issues affecting the Downtown Pittsfield Quality of Life. Issues have included burglaries, cigarette butt control, police walking patrols, reporting of incidents and mental health awareness.”

Marinaro explained, “The discussions on mental health awareness stemmed from the fact that some residents of the downtown area, and a percentage of our citizens in general, experience some behavioral issues due to a variety of mental conditions. These behavioral abnormalities are a cause of concern not only for the person but also for the merchants and the shoppers in the downtown area. Much of this concern stems from a lack of understanding of the causes of the behaviors and a lack of knowledge of proper ways to assist individual experiencing mental distress.”

Marinaro added, “It is with these discussion in mind that Rob Proskin and myself approached NAMI and the Brien Center in order to seek professional advice on how to best educate our merchants and our community in general on the nature of a variety of human behaviors and how we can live and work together to become a more welcoming and friendly community for all our citizens.”

Bianchi said, “I am grateful for the partnership between Downtown Inc., The Brien Center, NAMI and the Froio Center to host this important and informative meeting.  Collaboration is key in any city’s success and it is clear the people of Pittsfield, local businesses and the City can work well together to achieve positive outcomes.”

When: June 18th, 6:00-7:30 pm
Where: Froio Senior Center
Who: RSVP to 822-1647