National Safety Month and the CodeRED System

June is titled “National Safety Month,” and there is no better time than the present to highlight Pittsfield’s leading 21st Century public safety and emergency response system: CodeRED.

Mayor Bianchi explained, “CodeRED is a free system for citizens that effectively notifies Pittsfield residents when there is a public safety notice or emergency.  Today more people no longer have a house phone and or read the newspaper, the CodeRED system allows each individual to receive notices in the most convenient way possible.”

Police Chief Wynn stated, “CodeRED is a tool that allows municipal Departments to quickly and efficiently communicate with a large number of residents and share vital information.”

Pittsfield residents can sign up for whichever manor they would like to receive CodeRED messages. Messages can be received on a phone, through a text message and/or an email. Only authorized City personnel are able to activate the CodeRED system; therefore, messages will only be released during times when there is an immediate public safety notice.

Residents who have a published land line will automatically receive emergency alerts.  However, they may wish to sign up for general notifications i.e. winter parking updates.

Pittsfield resident, Katie Roucher reported, “I believe CodeRED is fantastic.  It’s [CodeRED] an important technology tool and service that is beneficial to the whole community.  It's critical to have the capability to render instant notification in the event of an emergency situation, such as weather or a missing child.  At the same time, it can also be useful for non-emergency notices: for example a road closure.”

When the CodeRED system is activated, thousands of citizens can receive a notice in a matter of seconds.  When possible, an email, text or phone call about an upcoming public safety notice will be released two to three days in advance. However, there are situations in which the police, fire or other departments will need to quickly alert citizens of a City wide emergency.

Chief Wynn said, “CodeRED has been utilized to disseminate information about missing persons, street closures, snow emergencies and mosquito spraying.  Every resident should take advantage of the CodeRED service.”

“The CodeRED system is a strong public safety tool for Pittsfield.  Many cities do not have updated technological systems to alert their citizens about emergencies or public safety updates. All residents should consider taking advantage of this services.” said Mayor Bianchi.

Bianchi informed, “People can go onto or to easily register for the service. It is important that everyone is connected to CodeRED.”