Mayor Bianchi Recognizes Partnership with Sheriff Bowler

Mayor Bianchi recognizes the collaborative effort and partnership he has forged between the City and the Berkshire County Sheriff’s department.

Sheriff Bowler’s Community Service Program (CSP) offers services around Berkshire County. The Mayor has recently worked with Bowler to take full advantage of these services.

Mayor Bianchi said, “It is important for me to be fiscally responsible.  Working with Sheriff Bowler’s department makes it possible to maintain City services in a cost effective manner.”

As potholes became a large City wide issue after the harsh 2013/2014 winter, Mayor Bianchi rushed to begin road repair before the black top plants opened. By partnering with the Sheriff’s department, a fourth work crew was added to the Department of Public Works repair efforts.  The addition of the Sheriff’s CPS crew had a noticeable impact on City roads.  The CPS work crew shoveled approximately 220 tons of asphalt into potholes and raked to grade the streets, making it possible to roll pavement onto larger sections of road.

Under the direct supervision of a deputy Sheriff, the additional pothole crew provided 390 hours of labor which would not have been possible without the strong partnership between the Mayor and Sheriff Bowler.

Mayor Bianchi stated, “There was valid concern over the road conditions in Pittsfield.  In an effort to get to work right away, I knew the Department of Public Works would need more man power then was available at the time. Working with all of the resources available to me, I reached out to the Sheriff’s department for assistance.”

He added, “Thanks to the partnership, Pittsfield was able to begin, and complete, pothole work faster than surrounding towns and cities.”

Mayor Bianchi also worked with Sheriff Bowler’s department to complete maintenance work on Wahconah Park.

The CSP’s work on the Park, from May 5th to May 9th, totaled 162 hours of labor.  The work included painting the bleachers, scoreboard and outfield and infield walls, along with freshening up the paint on the hand rails, dug outs, locker rooms, shed and the outer Park fence.

“Wahconah Park is a main family attraction in Pittsfield. It is important not only to our citizens, but also to the Pittsfield Suns, that we keep the Park looking in top condition.  In only four days, the Community Service Crew  helped ready Wahconah Park for a new season. I look forward to joining all of the Pittsfield families, along with the many visitors to the Park, for a classic summer tradition: baseball and hot dogs at Wahconah Park,” reported Bianchi.

Sheriff Bowler wrote, “It has always been my strong belief that the Community Service Program provides a valuable resource for the cities, towns and non-profit agencies of Berkshire County. In these times of fiscal restraint and cutbacks, this service truly becomes a benefit. I am pleased that we are able to provide assistance to the local community.”

Bianchi said, “We are fortunate to have Sheriff Bowler in Berkshire County. He is truly committed to our community and improving the lives of the population he serves.”