Pittsfield Stepping Up Efforts to Fill Potholes

This winter season is one of the worst we have experienced in recent times, and it has been very hard on people and our streets.  Winter storms caused very deep frost in the ground which has caused significant damage to the streets and utilities.  We appreciate your continued patience knowing that our crews are out patching potholes whenever possible. The Highway Department receives hundreds of calls weekly this time of year.  We prioritize the work by first patching larger potholes throughout the City.

We should continue to drive with care and caution as pothole maintenance takes time.  The blacktop plants open with the next few weeks so the City will continue to produce about 15 tons of hot reclaimed blacktop per day as weather allows; and to date, we have placed about 120 tons of blacktop.

Starting next week, the Berkshire County Sheriff is providing two inmate crews to work with City crews to step up the effort to patch potholes.  Once the blacktop plants open, even more potholes will be patched per day.

The number of potholes & their size increase with every weather event, so we depend on the public to report the location of the potholes.  Please access the city website at www.cityofpittsfield.org to “Report An Issue” located at the lower right corner of the home page or call the Highway Department 499-9314 Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM until 4 PM.