Pothole Reporting, City of Pittsfield

As the warmer weather approaches, residents should be aware that the Highway Department will be systematically handling all potholes complaints throughout the entire City of Pittsfield.

Potholes appear daily as the snow continues to melt and the temperatures fluctuate.  The Highway Department alone receives hundreds of calls weekly this time of year.  As in the past, the department will continue to handle the worst ones first.  Considering there are thousands of potholes throughout the City area, residents also need to be made aware that there are different types of potholes and some require immediate attention compared to others.  Other potholes that are annoying to drive over will not be given immediate attention as they are just delaminated (peeled) areas that are not as deep.  The Highway crew is working this week on the main roads first.

As always, and in any of our towns here in New England, we should be driving with care and caution at this time of year, as pothole maintenance takes time.  The  blacktop plants do not open until April, so the city has to make their own blacktop  using a small blacktop machine, weather permitting.

We appreciate your patience  and want you to know that our crews are working safely and as quickly as they can to alleviate these problems for all as soon as possible. Winter is still very much present and staff will not be able to address potholes if it is snowing.  Plowing, sanding and salting the City streets are first priority.

You may access the city website at www.cityofpittsfield.org to “Report An Issue” located at the lower right corner of the home page or call the Highway Department Monday thru Friday 8:30 am until 4 PM.