Pittsfield launches new city website today

By Jim Therrien, Berkshire Eagle Staff


(Stephanie Zollshan / Berkshire Eagle Staff)

PITTSFIELD -- The city is set to unveil today a redesigned municipal website that's expected to provide easier access to a wider range of information and services.

"This was a fun project for me," said Donna Mattoon, the director of administrative services. She worked on and off since last summer with information technology employees at City Hall and the city's website vendor to complete the upgrade.

She said Mayor Daniel L. Bianchi asked staff members and the vendor, Revize Software Systems, which specializes in creating and maintaining municipal sites, to make it easier for residents, businesses and visitors to access government services online.

"I want to cite Carol [Nichols] and Allie [Bottume] for their technical


ability, and for all the staff members who took the time to take on this extra project," Mattoon said. "I like it and I hope the citizens of Pittsfield like it also."

Mattoon said the new website -- cityofpittsfield.org -- is expected to go live today.

The new home page features drop-down tabs along the top that provide numerous categories of information or answers to questions about city government functions and services. An important feature, Mattoon said, is that more and more services will be made available online in coming months, including paying fees and communicating with city officials, whether to ask questions or report a problem.

"City Hall closes at 4 o'clock," she said, "and it can be difficult for people to get here during the day."

Mattoon said information on the most popular aspects of the old home page are displayed in a cleaner fashion and with additional information and/or options for persons visiting the site. The "Hot Topics" section will display those Web pages that currently are receiving the most attention from visitors.

Tabs along the top rail contain lists of information under the headings of Business, Visitors, and Government. The "How Do I?" tab spells out how to contact a councilor, pay an excise or other tax bill and much more.

More photos also will be added to the site over time, Mattoon said. Currently, shots from photographer Susan Geller and amateur photographer and Pittsfield Police Department Capt. Patrick Barry are displayed.

The vendor contract for the website redesign was for $4,975.