89.7 WTBR-FM Broadcasting Friday & Saturday from Cop-On-Top

For the 3rd year in a row, Taconic High School's 89.7 WTBR-FM will be helping out Pittsfield Police in their fundraising efforts for Special Olympics by broadcasting Friday and Saturday, December 6 and December 7, from “Cop-On-Top” at Wal-Mart.

WTBR-FM will be setting up their mobile FM studio inside an RV camper that will be parked near the Pittsfield Police Command Center.  A combination of student and adult volunteers will broadcast in stereo Friday and Saturday with continuous “live” reports from Cop-On-Top”.   Pittsfield police are hoping to raise $50,000 dollars for Special Olympics this year.

While the WTBR-FM staff is broadcasting from inside the warm RV, Pittsfield police officers will be camped out on the roof of Wal-Mart with many activities in the parking lot.  Fans of WTBR-FM are invited to make a donation to Special Olympics and then stop by the WTBR-FM broadcast RV center to see how radio is done. WTBR-FM is the ONLY radio station in western Massachusetts with mobile FM stereo capability.

Further information may be obtained by calling WTBR Student Advisor, Larry Kratka, at 822-0798.