Area Youth Capture Honors at the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick Competition

26 participants took part in the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick competition hosted by the City of Pittsfield Recreation program on Saturday, September 21 at Taconic High School.

These youngsters earned first-place honors in their respective age groups:

GIRLS                          Name                                   Hometown                  Total Score*

Age 8-9                        Chloe Doyle                               Pittsfield                                    86

Age 10-11                     Kaitlyn Olds                              Hinsdale                                   148

Age 12-13                     Skye Freeman                           Tyringham                               150

Age 14-15                     Jade Symington                       Westhampton                          176

Name                                    Hometown                  Total Score*

Age 6-7                         Jonathan Howard                    Pittsfield                                  115

Age 8-9                        Jaden Keefner                           Pittsfield                                  178

Age 10-11                     Dylan Keefner                           Pittsfield                                  215

Age 12-13                     Nickolas Sayers                        Pittsfield                                  235

Age 14-15                     Cameron Abderhalden            Lenox                                       284

* Cumulative total of one punt, one pass, and one kick.

These 9 winners move on to a sectional competition, to be held Monday, October 14th in Westfield. They could qualify for the Team Championships competition, to be held at a date to be determined, in conjunction with a New England Patriots game.

About NFL Punt, Pass & Kick The NFL Punt, Pass & Kick football competition allows youngsters to showcase their talents in punting, passing and kicking with scores based on distance and accuracy.

A number of NFL players have completed in NFL Punt, Pass & Kick, including top former and current NFL quarterbacks such as Dan Marino and Drew Bledsoe.

The National NFL Punt, Pass & Kick competition is administered by USA Football. This local Punt, Pass & Kick (Local PP&K) competition is officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC, but none of the National Football League (NFL), its member clubs, NFL Ventures, L.P. or any of their respective affiliates or subsidiaries are sponsoring or operating the Local PP&K or will have any liability or responsibility for any claims arising in connection with participation in the Local PP&K. All NFL-related logos and marks, including, without limitation, the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick logo, are trademarks of the NFL or the respective member club.

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