CityLink to Host Panel Discussion Related to the Proposed City Charter

The Pittsfield City Television , Channel 18, “CityLink”, is pleased to announce  they will be hosting  a panel discussion with live call-in time scheduled to discuss and answer questions related to the proposed Pittsfield City Charter. The date is Thursday, October 3rd, 7pm-9pm. The location will be at PCTV, 4 Frederico Drive, Pittsfield. The press is invited and will have a room reserved to follow the show on location.  Calls from the public as well as e-mails will be taken during the 2 hour program in an attempt to educate the voters of Pittsfield as to what is new and different in the proposed Pittsfield Charter. The public is encouraged to tune in and become better informed before going to the polls. The phone number to call for comments and questions the evening of is: 413-445-4234. The e-mail address is:

The City of Pittsfield will be placing the Charter vote on the ballot November 5th, election day for the city.  A study committee of 11 members worked for several months on the updating of the 82 year old charter. Participating in the discussion will be commentator David Cachet of PCTV, Mayor Daniel L. Bianchi, Charter study committee Chairman and retired Judge Edward LaPointe, and attorney Michael McCarthy, also a past member of the committee.

Major features of the New Charter:

  1. Strong Mayor, but with checks and balances
  2. Management flexibility
  3.  Council remains powerful-(budget, key appointees)
  4. Budgetary Flexibility matches Organizational structure.
  5. Allows the City to attract Highly qualified employees and Department Heads.
  6. Mayor term changed to 4 years from 2 years
  7. Council 2 years
  8. City Clerks 2 years
  9. School Committee MAY be paid