Welcome to Online Payments!

The City of Pittsfield accepts online payments through our online payment partners, Invoice Cloud and Kelley & Ryan.  

Online payments may be made using checking account information (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit cards.  Available payment options vary among services and a service fee may be assessed by our online payment partners, which will be detailed on their respective websites.  Transactions are secure using state-of-the-industry encryption technology.

*ONLY delinquent excise is paid here at Kelley & Ryan. Current excise is paid here.

* If you are paying a Motor Vehicle Excise Tax from Kelley & Ryan, the City's Deputy Collector, please pay at www.KelleyRyan.com

To pay any of the bills listed below online, simply click on one of the colored buttons below that corresponds to that category.

For vital records and dog licenses, confirmation of receipt of payment by our bank takes 2-4 days. Orders WILL NOT be mailed until confirmation is received.

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    Access, view and pay:
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
    (including demands)
  • Water/Sewer Bills
    Access and pay:
  • Parking Tickets
    Request and pay for:
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Dog Licenses
  • Funeral Directors

Please refer to the Online Payments Frequently Asked Questions to help answer your most common questions.