About Mayor Linda Tyer

Linda M. Tyer was inaugurated as Mayor of the City of Pittsfield in January 2016, and is the first mayor to be elected to a four-year term in the city’s history.

Mayor Tyer’s depth of understanding comes from her cumulative experience honed from her work in law firms, school systems, and city government.  Her previous role in the Lenox Public School district established a fervent interest in government and its responsibilities to the people. But for Mayor Tyer, Pittsfield was where she wanted to offer her talents. Her family’s roots are in the city, and date back to her great-grandparents, one of whom was a Pittsfield police officer.  It is their legacy of a strong work ethic and community pride that has influenced Mayor Tyer’s work through the years. 

Her elected roles in the City of Pittsfield included that of City Clerk and Ward 3 City Councilor, positions for which Mayor Tyer demonstrated a deep commitment and was reelected several times. During this period, Mayor Tyer served as a member of the City Council’s committee on Ordinances & Rules, Finance, and Public Health and Safety; she also served as the City Council representative on the Community Development Board. Mayor Tyer was also a founding member and past president of the Samuel Harrison Society in Pittsfield, a cultural preservation group. 

Past affiliations include the Massachusetts City Clerks’ Association; Notary Public, and Justice of the Peace (Commonwealth of Massachusetts). 

Mayor Tyer is an alumna of the Leadership Institute for Public Policy and Impact (LIPPI). She is a graduate of Bay Path College.