About Mayor Linda Tyer

About Mayor Linda M. Tyer

Linda M. Tyer was inaugurated as the Mayor of the City of Pittsfield for a second four-year term in January 2020. Mayor Tyer holds the distinction of being the first mayor to be elected to a four-year term in Pittsfield’s history. Her administration is centered on six core principles: shared responsibility, how can we, proactive long-term planning, communication, professional development, and small things.

Under Mayor Tyer’s strong leadership, the city advanced its economic development initiatives, through the preservation of 25 jobs – and necessary steam energy – for two manufacturers, as well as the creation of 113 additional jobs using the city’s economic development resources. In the fall of 2019, the City of Pittsfield welcomed Wayfair and the addition of 300 new jobs.

The city’s neighborhoods are safer thanks to the Mayor’s efforts to implement Shotspotter acoustic technology to quicken police response times and boost evidence collection; the installation of 5,300 brand new energy-efficient LED streetlights for brighter neighborhoods; the hiring of 31 new police officers, and the opening of the Westside Neighborhood Community Outreach Office staffed by police and volunteers.

Mayor Tyer has lowered taxes for the first time in 25 years for the average single-family homeowner and fought the Eversource rate increase and started the Community Choice Power Supply Program; bringing the benefits of renewable energy and electricity savings to 16,000 residences and businesses. Under her leadership, the city welcomed private investments generating $2,000,000 in new tax revenue – growth not seen since 2009.

Through her efforts to build a stronger city, Mayor Tyersecured $12,000,000 in Mass Life Sciences funding to build the Berkshire Innovation Center; facilitated new market rate housing at the historic St. Mary’s Morningstar and Powerhouse Lofts; advanced Community Preservation projects for historic preservation, open space, and recreation; and paved 41 miles of roads since 2016.

For Linda, creating a vibrant and thriving Pittsfield is work that honors the legacy of past generations of hard-working Pittsfielders. Her family’s roots are in the city, and date back to her great-grandparents, one of whom was a Pittsfield police officer. It is this strong work ethic and community pride that has influenced Linda’s work through the years and motivates her to keep moving the city forward.

For the past 16 consecutive years, the people of Pittsfield have put their trust in Linda Tyer, first electing her to the previous roles of Ward 3 City Councilor and City Clerk. As a city councilor, Mayor Tyer served as a member of the City Council’s committee on Ordinances & Rules, Finance, and Public Health and Safety; she also served as the City Council representative on the Community Development Board.

Mayor Tyer is a member of the MassINC Gateway Cities Neighborhood Stabilization Working Group and Massachusetts Mayors' Association.

Linda was also a founding member and past president of the Samuel Harrison Society in Pittsfield, a cultural preservation group. Past affiliations include the Massachusetts City Clerks’ Association; Notary Public, and Justice of the Peace (Commonwealth of Massachusetts).

She is an alumna of the Leadership Institute for Public Policy and Impact (LIPPI) and a graduate of Bay Path College.