Mayor's Welcome

 Updated Mayor Tyer headshot

Welcome.  Pittsfield is strengthened by many knowledgeable, inspiring, and engaged citizens.  People and organizations all across Pittsfield are devoted to improving the quality of life for every person young and old. Every single one of us believes in the great potential of our city and wants a thriving, healthy, innovative Pittsfield. Municipal government must pledge its resources to promote success in our community.  I am committed to leading our city with the energy and enthusiasm that it deserves. Pittsfield is a vibrant and compassionate place to live.  Pittsfield is a center of innovation and the heart of the Berkshire art and culture scene. Pittsfield is a welcoming destination for new and expanding economic prosperity.  Please search our website.  You’ll find government resources that are ready, willing, and able to assist you.

Mayor Linda Tyer