Subcommittee   Duties
Publicity To publicize the activities of the Commission, to ensure the Commission maintains a visible profile in the press and a known presence within the City.
Rules and Procedures To consider the advisability and merit of any adoption or change in any rule of procedure of the Commission, and to refer to it as well as to its form and legality thereof.
Local, State and Regional Matters Commission members will research and monitor matters of human or civil rights matters that are occurring locally or regionally; and to propose any correspondence or other advocacy by the Commission in the furtherance of any such rights.
Outreach and Liaison To serve as liaison between the Commission and the Mayor, the City, and any boards or commissions, schools, city departments and community groups; to bring any matters to the attention of the Commission wherein it may make response or advocacy to any outside group or city entity to further its function and purpose.
Report To maintain statistics, activities of the Commission and other such matters to be included in its Annual Report of the state of human rights in the City.
Finance To consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair and one other Commission member to receive and acknowledge donations of money or goods and services, to review quarterly reports of the HRC accounts, to advise on the disbursements of funds, with the signature of two of this subcommittee's members to disburse funds as approved by the Commission and to prepare a summary report of fiscal activity for inclusion in the Commission's Annual Report.
Ad hoc Performs duties as set forth by the Commission.
Tommy T eventFinance subcommittee Chair Celia Rock thanks Tommy T. and Black Velvet after their November 7th benefit performance on behalf of the Pittsfield Human Rights Commission.

May 21 Third ThursdaySubcommittee members, Mark Miller (far right) and Mark Kennedy (far left) speak with visitors to the Human Rights Commission table on 3rd Thursday