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(L to R) Shirley Edgerton, School Department Cultural Proficiency Coach, Cecilia Rock, Human Rights Commission Chairperson and Justine Dodds, Fair Housing Officer are just three of the Pittsfield Contingent who along eith over 600 other people from 22 State attended the 10th Annual Fair Housing and Civil Rights Conference in Springfield, MA on April 7th and 8th, 2016.
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March 22, 2016 - The Pittsfield City Council unanimously approved an amendment submitted by Mayor Linda Tyer to the city code pertaining to the Human Rights Commission. The amendment underwent review and input by the Pittsfield Human Rights Commission. The update to the policy found in Chapter 2 of the code (Article 27, Sec. 2-137) includes a "Purpose and Intent" definition; new categories of gender identity or expression; military status; and the inclusion of "municipal services, contracts, and purchasing" to the policy language.
Pittsfield is now the 14th city in the Commonwealth to have a policy that reflects this language. It brings Pittsfield up to date and makes it one of the most advanced human rights policies in the United States, comparable to policies in 17 other states. It identifies factors which can be met by discrimination, but which are irrelevant to qualifications.
Mayor Tyer said the amendment reflects the City's deep commitment to all people and ensures that appropriate measures are in place to protect their rights.

November 7, 2015-City of Pittsfield’s Human Rights Commission to Host Fundraiser            

August 12, 2015-At it's August 12th meeting the City Council accepted a first donation from Judy Harris toward the "important work" of the City of Pittsfield Human Rights Commission.  With this acceptance the City Council has cleared the way for any individual or business to make financial or "in kind" donations to the Human Rights Commission toward its goal of improving the civil and human rights environment for all City residents. Other early donors toward the cause are: East Street Video, The UPS Store(s) and Berkshire Organics. If you would like to donate, please, send a check or money order made out to: City of Pittsfield Human Rights Commission. The address to send a donation is: Pittsfield Human Rights Commission, 70 Allen Street, Pittsfield MA 01201.

May 21, 2015-The Human Rights Commission table, staffed by Commissioners Kennedy and Miller got a healthy response from visitors to this year's  first 3rd Thursday event.

May 5, 2015-Berkshire Eagle-Human Rights Commission Launches Webpage