2020 Volunteer Of The Year

RSVP Celebrates the 2020 Volunteer of the Year

Gisele Yetz
Gisele Yetz picture right

Congratulations! Gisele has been driving the RSVP van since 2014. She has a regularly scheduled day, yet she will fill in anytime a driver is needed, even at the last minute. We know Gisele is a pleasure for all of the passengers because they call to tell us! When she isn’t driving the van, she is often working on her own projects to help the community. She crochets, sews and crafts many items to donate or give away to those in need. In 2019 Gisele contributed 139 hours.


When asked about her well-documented positive attitude, Gisele stated, “Kindness goes a long, long way. I always try to spread sunshine every day”


RSVP Start date 6/22/2012           Lifetime Hours 930

Berkshire Talking Chronicle Reader          2013-2016            284 Hours

RSVP Van Driver                                                2014-2020            525 Hours