Voting/Polling Locations

You can find you voting location here.

You may look up your voting location here by entering your full address.  You can also obtain the contact information for your elected officials.
If you are not sure of your polling place please call the Registrar of Voters office at (413) 499-9461.  We would be happy to tell you exactly where to go to perform your civic duty.

Polling Locations       
reid middle school     
                                                                    Wards 1A & 1B-Reid Middle School, 950 North Street                                

Morningside School       Ward 2A-Morningside School, 100 Burbank Street
Somerset Fire StationWard 2B-Somerset Fire Station, 9 Somerset Avenue          
     Providence CourtWard 3A-Providence Court, 379 East Street

                                    Egremont School                                   
Ward 3B-Egremont School, 84 Egremont Avenue         

        Herberg Middle School                            Williams School
          Ward 4A-Herberg Middle School, 501 Pomeroy Avenue                                      Ward 4B-Williams School, 50 Bushey Road   
                                                 Library                                                                     Wards 5A & 5B-Berkshire Athenaeum (Pittsfield Library), 1 Wendell Avenue                                             

        Columbus Arms                        Conte Community School
         Ward 6A-Columbia Arms Housing, 65 Columbus Avenue                                 Ward 6B-Conte Community School, 200 West Union Street

            Pecks Road Fire Station     
   Ward 7A-Pecks Road Fire Station, 54 Pecks Road 

        Capless Elementary School
        Ward 7B-Capeless Elementary School, 86 Brooks Avenue