Current Year Awarded Contracts

Bid No. Bid Title Awarded Vendor Contract Amount
IFB#21-001  Siphon Repairs & Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation-Infiltration Phase 4 Nation Water Main Cleaning CO.  $847,918.00
RFQ#21-002 Paint & Painting Supplies The Sherwin Williams Company $37,741.84
RFQ#21-003 SOTR Lite Respirators with Filters Gentex Corporation $17,500.00
IFB#21-003 Rose Park Pump Station Upgrades Bay State Contractors, Inc. $637,688.00
IFB#21-004 As-Needed Roof Repairs J.D. Rivet & Company, Inc. $83,780.00
RFQ#21-004 Williams Street Plaza Storm Line Replacement Wm. J Keller & Sons Construction $40,546.00
IFB#21-005 As-Needed Plumbing Repairs Pittsfield Pipers, Inc.  $9,310.00
IFB#21-006 On-Call Fire/Security Repairs Lee Audio & Security, Inc. $96,900.00
IFB#21-007 Elevator Maintenance & Inspections for 3 Years United Elevator Company, Incorporated $145,530.00
RFQ#21-008 Emergency Cascade Street Culvert Replacement A.J. Virgilio Construction Inc. $37,545.00
IFB#21-009  Grass & Brush Cutting at Dams & Easements for Two Years Always Growing Landscaping, Inc.  $45,000.00
RFQ#21-009 Construction Oversight Services for Skate Park-Phase II Spohn Ranch Inc. $9,500.00
IFB#21-010 Dewey Avenue Sidewalk John's Tractor and Excavation Service, LLC $51,900.00
IFB#21-011 Cady Brook Diversion J.H. Maxymillian $610,483.34
IFB#21-012 Churchill Street Culvert Replacement J.L. Raymaakers & Sons, Inc.  $645,347.99
IFB#21-013 Parks Department Roof Replacement Larochelle $88,000.00
IFB#21-014 RE-Bid Boiler Maintenance & Repair Services Pittsfield Pipers, Inc.  $124,000.00
IFB#21-015 Re-Tubing #2 Boiler at PHS Dillon Boiler Services Company, Inc.  $67,450.00
IFB#21-016 Sludge Disposal Riccelli Enterprises, Inc.  $658,300.00
IFB#21-017 Berkshire Athenaeum Roof Replacement R&H Roofing LLP $638,287.00
IFB#21-018 Security System Upgrades for Schools Collins Electric Company Inc. $2,177,693.00
IFB#21-019 Onota Lake Beach Improvements EMS Property Maintenance $43,500.00
IFB#21-020  Demolition of 2 Residential Properties American Environmental $139,150.00
IFB#21-021 Installation of Dog Park Western Earthworks, LLC $179,526.17
IFB#21-023 Skate Park-Phase II Rampage, LLC $247,000.00
IFB#21-024 Parks Department Building #8 Roof Replacement D.P. Carney Construction Inc. $59,535.00
IFB#21-025 Public Safety Selection Process & Assessment Center Services Public Safety Consultants LLC $117,000.00
IFB#21-028 City Hall Elevator Upgrades United Elevator Company Inc. $82,870.00
IFB#21-030  Emergency Traffic Signal Repairs Ryan D. Barzousky $31,750.00