Current Year Awarded Contracts

Bid No. Bid Title Awarded Vendor Contract Amount
RFQ#22-001 Janitorial Services at Four Public Restroom Whitmans Crystal Clean, Inc. $12,500.00
IFB#22-001 Catch Basin Inspection & Cleaning for 3 Years REWC Management, Inc. $497,294.20
RFQ#22-002 Flooring Installation at Pittsfield High School M. Frank Higgins & Company Inc. $24,000.00
IFB#22-002 (a) Cationic Emulsion Polymer-II Polydne Inc. $21,780.00
IFB#22-002 (b) Cationic Emulsion Polymer-I Atlantic Coast Polymers Inc. $90,600.00
RFQ#22-004 Motor & Pump Assembly for South Mountain Station Reliable Electric Motor $28,430.00
IFB#22-004 Dan Fox Drive Water & Sewer Extensions Borges Construction Inc. $1,023,150.10
IFB#22-005 Microsoft 365 Upgrades Lift Off, LLC $257,106.00
RFQ#22-006 Rental of Anaerobic Digester Heat Exchanger Power Mechanical $30,625.00
IFB#22-008 Springside House Roof Replacement Capeway Roofing Systems, Inc. $245,800.00
RFQ#22-009 Steam Trap Replacements at Crosby School Mike Lahey Plumbing & Heating $28,000.00
IFB#22-010 Bucket Truck for DPS Equipment Technology LLC $139,611.00
RFQ#22-010 Installation of Deming Park Irrigation System Omasta Landscaping Inc.  $46,278.00
IFB#22-011 Water Hydrants E.J. Prescott Incorporate $99,928.40
IFB#22-012 Boiler Maintenance & Repair Services Pittsfield Pipers $413,400.00
IFB#22-014 Oblique & Ortho Imagery for 3 Years Nearmap US, Inc. $83,940.00
IFB#22-015 Ashley WaterTreatment Plant Upgrades D.A. Sullivan & Sons Inc. $6,924,000.00
IFB#22-016  Demolition of Residential Properties Associated Building Wreckers $197,818.00
IFB#22-017 Sludge Spiral Heat Exchanger for Wastewater Gooch Thermal Systems, Inc. $55,600.00
IFB#22-018 Sludge Disposal Bew England Waste Services of ME $633,900.00
RFP#22-019 Animal Shelter Services for 3 Years Berkshire Humane Society Inc $161,751.00
IFB#22-020 Streetlight & Traffic Signal Maintenance for 3 Years Lapinski Electric, Inc. $259,980.00
IFB#22-021 Uniform Service New England Uniform Rental Service, Inc $80,084.46
IFB#22-022  Crosby Boiler Replacement Adams Plumbing & Heating Inc. $278,000.00
IFB#22-024 Anionic Polymer Altantic Coast Polymers Inc $73,360.00
IFB#22-025 Plow Truck for PFD Coggins Ford of Bennington $52,767.00
IFB#22-028 Demolition of 62-68 John Street Associated Building Wreckers $74,900.00
RFP#22-029 Designer Services for Williams School Roof Replacement Russo Barr Associates $60,000.00