Electronics Recycling Event

The City of Pittsfield intermittently hosts an Electronics Recycling Event.  Look for advertisements in the Berkshire Eagle and the Pittsfield Gazette as well as radio announcements and on our website.

This event is open to all Pittsfield residents and it provides them the opportunity to dispose of unwanted electronic items for recycling.  Please note:  There may be a small fee associated with the disposal of certain items.

Below you will find a summary of some accepted items*:

  • Computers (w/o monitors)
  • White goods (no refrigerators/freezers)
  • Cell phones
  • Electric sump pumps
  • Sewing machines
  • Pool vacuums (auto/robot)
  • TV’s
  • Computer monitors

* Please refer to our advertisements for a more comprehensive listing of acceptable items.  Please contact the Department of Public Utilities Administration Office at (413) 499-9330 if you should have any questions.